REA of the Ministry of Energy of Russia and the Russia-ASEAN Business Council held a capacity building conference on promoting use of natural gas in ASEAN

An online conference was held at the Moscow International Multimedia Center in the framework of the development of cooperation in the gas industry between Russia and the ASEAN countries on promoting use of natural gas as an ecological friendly fuel in various sectors of the economy of the ASEAN member states. The event was conducted by the Russian Energy Agency of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, the Russia-ASEAN Business Council with the support of the ASEAN Secretariat.

The event was attended by more than 200 representatives from Russia, the ASEAN member states and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region, including representatives of ministries and departments of the energy block, Russian energy companies, manufacturers of energy equipment, as well as experts in the energy industry.

Ho Quang Trung, Director of Sectoral Development Directorate of the ASEAN Secretariat shared his vision of using natural gas not only as an important mechanism within the energy balance of the ASEAN countries, but also as a tool for developing business relations between Russia and the countries of Southeast Asia.

Alexey Kulapin, Director General of the Russian Energy Agency, noted in his welcome remarks: "As a reliable supplier for partners abroad, Russia strongly supports the development of strategic cooperation with the ASEAN countries in the gas sector. The competencies accumulated by our country in the field of pipeline gas supplies, production of liquefied natural gas, including at low-tonnage plants, can become a driver for strengthening Russian-ASEAN relations and help attract investment, exchange experience and technologies, joint implementation of projects, including projects for the supply of equipment for the production, transportation, storage and use of LNG.

Chairman of the Russia-ASEAN Business Council Ivan Polyakov stressed that this conference is a key step for further coordination of our activities in the energy sector. "Energy is one of the traditional areas of Russia- ASEAN cooperation. And we believe that promoting the use of natural gas as an ecological friendly fuel can not only strengthen, but even increase the existing potential of our cooperation, " Ivan Polyakov emphasized.

Sergey Tulinov, Officer on Energy, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) presented a comprehensive analysis of the role of natural gas in promoting sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region. "Energy security is one of the most important sustainable development goals for the Asia-Pacific countries. In recent years, the topic of using natural gas has been the subject of discussion in the context of ensuring access to a sustainable and modern type of energy for everyone. ESCAP, in turn, is actively working to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to access natural gas. We are also actively cooperating with the ASEAN countries and other Southeast Asian countries on promoting information on the use and utilization of natural gas," the ESCAP representative notes.

Within the conference the participants discussed the competencies of countries and companies in the field of development of pipeline gas supplies, LNG production, including at low-tonnage enterprises, issues of attracting investment in the gas industry, exchange of experience and technologies, as well as issues of development of the gas industry in remote regions.